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A piece of television that is as clever as it is exciting.

Der Tagesspiegel

With unprecedented meticulousness and attention to detail, the four-part Sky documentary examines the Munich shooting with its many traces, connections, assessments, backgrounds and aftermath.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

What emerges is a frightening psychogram of the perpetrator, the image of a city in panic, and even more: the portrait of a society on the verge of hysteria.

Der Spiegel

The worthwhile TV documentary gives amazing insights into the crime and its consequences.

Süddeutsche Zeitung

The documentary is coherently constructed and impressively accurate in its research and analysis, leaving viewers touched and shaken.

Berliner Zeitung

The documentary series reconstructs the events on the day of the crime, takes a close look at the perpetrator's right-wing extremist online network on Steam - and describes in unprecedented detail the mistakes made by investigating authorities before and after the mass murder.​

Die Zeit

Madness like Shakespeare. (...) Between Paris and Berlin, Bataclan and Breitscheidplatz, filmmakers of many genres have tried to capture the insanity of extremist terror in pictures and words. But those of Johannes Preuss and Martin Bernstein are of unique urgency.

Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland

available on


from 07/21/2022

documentary film series

4 episodes, 50 minutes each

a Constantin Dokumentation production,

Germany 2022

constantin doku weiss-klein.gif



© Sky Deutschland




An assassination attempt and endless questions. On July 22, an 18-year-old terrified the metropolis of Munich: he killed nine people at the Olympia shopping center and seriously injured five others with gunshots before he committed suicide shortly before his arrest.


The perpetrator is dead – but many questions remain. As it turned out after long investigations, the 18-year-old's act was racially motivated - but how did the son of Iranian immigrants develop such deep-rooted hatred? How did the student get a gun? What role did his admiration play for Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik? What is his fascination with first-person shooters? And was there perhaps a connection to earlier, similarly motivated attacks?


In cinematic images, "22. Juli – Die Schüsse von München" illuminates the assassination from the perspectives of the helpers on site, the investigators, the media, politicians and, last but not least, those close to the assassin and the victims' relatives. The Sky Original Documentation is a production of Constantin Documentation in cooperation with Süddeutsche Zeitung. Producers are Jochen Köstler and Jan Klophaus, directed by Johannes Preuss, winner of the Student Academy Award. Sky Executive Producers are Christian Asanger and Nico Gammella.



© Sky Deutschland



distributed by Sky Deutschland


broadcasted by Sky Crime and streaming on WowTV



available from 07/21/2022

first episode freely available on YouTube

 The remaining three episodes are available on:

















Hubertus Andrä

David Anz

Andreas Bachner

Hüseyin Bayri

Christian Bergmann

Martin Bernstein

Marcus da Gloria Martins

Miro Dittrich

Werner Feiler

Florian Hartleb

Joachim Herrmann

Alexander Horn

Rudolf Kollmann

Peter Langman

Jamie Lattin

David Mühlberger

Claudia Neher

Sharzad Osterer

Dieter Reiter

Ludwig Waldinger

among others


voice artists

written & directed by


executive producer



editing consultant

dramaturgical consultant

junior producer

editorial staff

Abdul Al-Tememe / as Sonboly

Media Latifi / as girlfriend

Robert Schnellenberg / as gun dealer

among others

Annette Hardinghaus

Johannes Huelmeyer

Jonas Ketter

Elisa Serfas

Benjamin Sherifi

Patricia Stelter

Johannes Preuss

Jochen M. Köstler

Jan Klophaus

David Dincer

Michael Palfi

Janek Romero

Michael Gantenberg

Linda Richert

Manuel Steiger

Leon Steiner

Andreas Förster

Nina Günther

assistant camera


drone operator


line producer

production manager

unit manager

set manager

production manager


sound mix


color grading


graphics and animation

executive producer Sky

Michael Führmann

Christopher Herbeck

Timo Hormtientong

Arnold Lederer

Mark Verhülsdonk

Ulrik Deman

Andreas Tuerpe

Kathrin Benker

Laura Phönlein

Lilli Steidle

Larissa Wessling

Anthea Waldeck

Bettina Burghard

Fabian Selbach

Stefan Möhl

Miguel Reis Neto

Frank Burgharth

Thomas Herget

Michael Radeck


Martin Pfeiffer

Christian Asanger

Nico Gammella

Sebastian Riepp

Jürgen Schmitt

Quirin Hubwieser





Die Zeit; 07/23/2022

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Bayerischer Rundfunk Kultur; 07/22/2022

Neue Doku zum OEZ-Attentat: "22. Juli – Die Schüsse von München"

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Süddeutsche Zeitung; 07/21/2022

Schüsse, die heute auch noch nachhallen

by Joachim Mölter

TAZ; 07/21/2022

1.000 Puzzle-Teilchen

by Jens Müller

RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland

Wahnsinn wie bei Shakespeare: Sky-Doku erinnert an Anschlag auf Münchner OEZ

by Jan Freitag

Stuttgarter Nachrichten; 07/21/2022

Packende Doku zum OEZ-Attentat

Der Tagesspiegel; 07/20/2022

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Berliner Zeitung; 07/19/2022

Wie Ali Sonboly zum Täter wurde

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FOCUS Online; 07/18/2022

Doku über OEZ-Attentat deckt auf: Täter hatte Kontakt zu US-Amokläufer; 06/01/2022

Pressemitteilung; 04/22/2021

Sky-Doku soll offenen Fragen nachgehen - und „Gefahrenpotential“ aufzeigen

by Tanja Kipke

Stern; 04/21/2021

True-Crime-Doku zum Anschlag 2016 in München


Skip Intro – der Serien Podcast, Bayerischer Rundfunk

"22. Juli - Die Schüsse von München" (Sky/ wow) - True Crime Doku mit Tiefgang

by Vanessa Schneider

broadcasted on: 07/22/2022

Studio 9, Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Doku-Serie "22. Juli - Die Schüsse von München" auf Sky

by Philipp Schnee

broadcasted on: 07/21/2022


Documentary Film


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