Arzt der Revolution

/ Doc of the Revolution

He protested for freedom in his country and performed surgery on injured rebels – Now, the Syrian doctor Bashar Al Tammawi found shelter in Germany. The story of a refugee. 

The young medical student was longing for idealistic goals of a free, liberal society when he and his fellow students started to revolt against the regime. The he witnessed how the Islamic State seized the movement. A fellow campaigner documented the developments as an embedded camera operator of the anti-assad brigades. Tammawis account provides a context for these striking images from the early stage of the civil war in Syria.

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Portrait, 10 minutes
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Germany, 2015

Language: german


Director: Johannes Preuss
Editor: Manuel Sosnowski
Camera: Christine Lüdge

Images from Syria: Hayyan al-Yousouf
Interview in Arabic: Ghait Al-Adwan
Translation: Zellal Naheel, Scarlett Lorenz


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  • DVD-distribution in Germany: LinguaVideo Medien GmbH.​